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Equal Opportunity


In this new commercial released by the Perlmutter campaign, you can see the extra miles Ed goes to listen and work for his constituents.

Deanne and Chad tell their story

After traveling more than 500 miles and over a million steps, holding more than 70 meetings in grocery stores, knocking on thousands of doors and just seeing folks at the dog park or the coffee shop, these are the kinds of hardworking people in our area that know Ed Perlmutter is a person first and he will go the extra mile for them when they need help.

Ed is walking the extra mile for...

Ed has taken over a million steps while out walking in the 7th Congressional District since the beginning of this year. He's talked to veterans and military families, parents worried about their kids' futures, small business owners, retired folks who want to make sure they'll have access to medical treatment, and scores of hardworking people who want to make sure that their government represents their values.

Perlmutter Iwo Jima 

When 11 Colorado World War II Veterans were stranded in Okinawa waiting to get to Iwo JIma for the 65th Anniversary of the historic and bloody battle, they called members of Congress and the military.  No one answered the call - except for Ed Perlmutter.  Perlmutter worked tirelessly with the White House, the Marines and the Japanese Embassy and the brave veterans were able to make it back in time for the ceremony.

Perlmutter Grocery

Congressman Ed Perlmutter comes home on weekends to meet with his neighbors and constituents at local grocery stores to listen to whatever they want to talk about.  Mary Ann Proctor and Dave Wattenberg, two Republican constituents, both say Ed has their back and he's a workhorse.