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  • 15May 2015

    A road is more than just concrete and lane lines, and our transportation infrastructure is more than just a series of lines on a map.  It’s how you get to work. It’s how your kids get to school. It’s how people and businesses move around our communities, our state, and our country. It’s how you get home to your family at the end of a long day. Congress has...
  • 29Apr 2015

    Quick update

    Here’s where we’re at: Here’s where we need to be: We need two...
  • 16Apr 2015

    [PHOTOS] Views with Brews Recap

    Thank you to everyone who joined me last weekend for our first Views with Brews event at Golden City Brewery. We had a great crowd,...
  • 30Mar 2015

    They weren't good ideas the first time

    I mean it when I say helping you and making government work better for you is the most important part of my job as your representative....


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I think Congressman Perlmutter is one of the most effective, sincere, true representatives of the people I have ever met; I am proud to be in his district. The items Perlmutter supports seem perfect answers to address the serious issues of our country. I think Perlmutter's town hall phone calls to answer real questions from his constituents are an amazing way to stay in touch. He is often accessible in person in the community in novel ways, too. I like his newsletter and his work in Congress. I know Congressman Perlmutter will work hard to make our state and country better and brighter.

Margaret Herzog - Lakewood