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  • 17Sep 2014

    Not again!

    I don’t get it. In 2008, and again in 2010, Coloradans firmly, definitively, and without any doubt rejected the so-called “Personhood” measure which appeared on the Colorado ballot. Now, for a third time, ultra-conservative advocates for this misguided policy have managed to get it on the ballot in Colorado again. There’s no mistaking Amendment 67 – it is...
  • 16Sep 2014

    Weekend of Action with Don Quick

    28 days. That’s how much time we have until mail ballots start rolling out to all registered voters in Colorado. That’s...
  • 09Sep 2014


    This time of year, we all start getting tired of the endless TV ads – even me.  So I decided my first ad this cycle would...
  • 03Sep 2014

    Elizabeth Warren!

    In the spring of 2009, my fellow House Financial Services Committee members and I were focused on reforming Wall Street to make sure the...


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I think Congressman Perlmutter is one of the most effective, sincere, true representatives of the people I have ever met; I am proud to be in his district. The items Perlmutter supports seem perfect answers to address the serious issues of our country. I think Perlmutter's town hall phone calls to answer real questions from his constituents are an amazing way to stay in touch. He is often accessible in person in the community in novel ways, too. I like his newsletter and his work in Congress. I know Congressman Perlmutter will work hard to make our state and country better and brighter.

Margaret Herzog - Lakewood