The most important thing I do as your representative is do my best to make government work better for you. It’s easy to get bogged down in the Washington gridlock but I want to give you some recent examples of the things I’m working on to make a difference for you and our community.

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Red Light Cameras & Good Government

In many places, red-light cameras have turned into a revenue-generating tool rather than a way to improve public safety. Government shouldn’t abuse tools like this, and instead, we should focus on measures that decrease reckless driving and increase public safety.

Learn more about this issue by listening to my interview on Colorado Public Radio.

Train Horn Regulations & Economic Development

For businesses and communities with substantial train traffic, like Commerce City and Arvada, train horn noise can become even more than a nuisance — it can stifle economic development. That’s why I’m working to modernize train horn regulations and increase safety precautions at crossings.

It’s a common sense idea to help businesses and communities thrive.

Read more at the Denver Post.

Senior Resource Fair

From Social Security and Medicare to affordable housing, we have a lot of seniors in Colorado’s 7th District facing challenges on a daily basis. It’s important to provide our seniors with helpful information and let them know about the many resources available to them.

Before our last Senior Resource Fair, one of our local papers wrote about our work to reach out to seniors across the 7th CD. You can read that article here.


Calendar of Events

There are a lot of great options for getting outside with family and friends this spring in our community. Check out my website for a listing of family-friendly events in the area.

I want to hear from you!

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